Do you have a geek friend?
Make him a pleasant and unexpected present!

He has everything he need and giftcard is way low-minded and boring? It's time to present something useless!

How to put science and art together? How to combine rational nature of your friend with the irrationality of existence?

Ultimate Pi – the most irrational gift!

From the ancient times the great men like Archimedes tried to calculate this number but obtained only several digits.

UltimatePi – is the USB flash drive with 1 GB of Pi number!

Flash drives comes in a key style so you can put it on the key ring and always carry with you just in case.

Your friend will appreciate your style and sense of humour!

So what may be the occasion?

  • Pi Day - March 14 (guess why?)
  • Programmers' Day - 256 day of the year
    September 13 during common years and on September 12 in leap years
  • Your favourite IT coleague farewell
  • Birthday, Christmas, Fathers' Day, or other reason you really need to find a special gift
Ultimate Pi box

Where to use it?

  • Calculate area of circle or real volume of your mug or any shape generated by circle.
  • Calculate probability of any event, for example, that you will meet dinosaur on a street
  • Construct Malderbroat set fractal
  • Physical magnitude like Cosmological Constant or Period of simple pendulum with small amplitude. And how about magnetic permeability of free space?! Too easy, not a problem at all!!!
  • And more other exciting things!

Why Ultimate Pi?

Your friend already bought all the cool gadgets and possesses latest iPhone and Android.

Pi is irrational number and is limitless like the Universe. We offer you just a infinitesimal part of it but even this part has 1 000 000 000 digits.

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