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Q. I have published my news ticker but links don’t work. What I did wrong?

Due to security reasons your browser can block some of Flash operations on your computer. It means that you should upload it to your Web site or your virtual server (like Apache) and test it again.

Q. What files should I upload to my site in order to make my news ticker work correctly?

All files that were generated by Publish or Export tools are necessary for your news ticker to work properly

Q. Where can I see the examples of pages with Q-NewsTicker?

There are different examples on our site. Some regular news lines, little galleries and personal lines.

Q. I'm not a web designer. What can I do with this strange css?

Please read our tutorial

Q. Do I need to purchase a copy of Q-NewsTicker for each domain I have?

You can use 1 license of Q-NewsTicker on unlimited number of domains. Legal domain protects your ticker from copying by other people.

Q. How can I prevent caching of xml?

Add to the HEAD section of the page these meta tags:

<meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache"/>
<meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache"/>
Clear your browsers cache once before testing. These tags will keep your page from being automatically cached by servers or browsers.