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Need a cool news ticker for your web site?

Q-NewsTicker is a professional Flash based, easy to use tool for creating news scrollers for your Web sites. You can create moving texts and images in a few minutes!

Try Q-NewsTicker for your favourite quotes, recent blog posts, and featured pictures. Every design element is customizable!


More Features

  • No Flash or programming skills required
    All that programming and animation job we have already done for you ;)
  • Lots of Skins
    There is a huge amount of ready-to-use skins. Just choose one of them and add your own news.
  • Total graphics customization
    You can change any graphics you want in your news lines (backgrounds, buttons, news images).
  • Open news XML format
    Xml file containing your news texts is open and can be generated statically by application as well as on the fly by any language (PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails etc).
  • Reading RSS feeds
    Insert your favourite news feeds into Q-NewsTicker.
  • Motion Presets
    There is lots of motion presets. Play with them and choose the most interesting for creating amazing srolling text effect.
  • Small file size
    Average Flash scroller doesn't exceed 20-30 kb.
  • More Customization
    A piece of news has its own background and it is entirely customizable. Try to change the border or make the background semitransparent, don't be afraid to experiment with it.
  • CSS
    Text settings can be tuned with the familiar for all web-designers CSS.
  • Reusable
    All your adjustments can be saved and edited afterwards.