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Flash Multiple Files Uploader

This is our Multiple Files Uploader Open Source Edition. It means that we provide you with .fla, .as, .php and all other files you need to create a cool flash multiple files uploader. It was designed as a light version of more professional product Q-ImageUploader Pro. This version is for those who want to do some programming and make more deep changes.

We also suggest to take a look at our commercial but more powerfull product Q-ImageUploader which can be downloaded here. It is easy to use, much more convenient than manual code editing and has two types of templates General Files Uploader and Image Uploader Pro (check templates differences here).

Can I use it for commercial purposes?

Yes, this version of Flash Multiple Files Uploader is absolutely free and you can use it for commercial purposes. All that we ask is to put a link to us or/and add us to your live Internet bookmarks to support the project. AddThis Social Bookmark Button


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How To Create a Custom Multiple Files Uploader?

Creating your own skin of Flash Multiple Files Uploader is very easy.

  1. You have to prepare all necessary graphics in your favorite graphic editor
    • Background
    • Delete button (normal and mouseover)
    • Success button
    • Add Photos button (normal and mouseover)
    • Upload button (normal and mouseover
  2. Insert all images in the ActionScript project
  3. Adjust all necessary parameters (colors, opacities, border thicknesses, sizes, urls etc)
  4. Upload to the Internet
  5. Check the result!


Q-ImageUploader application can be downloaded here.

Multiple Files Uploader Open Source Edition - Download source code in zip archive.