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Q. Do I need to purchase a copy of Q-ImageUploader for every domain I'm going to use it on?

You can use 1 license of Q-ImageUploader on unlimited number of domains. Legal domain value will protect your image uploader from copying by other people.

Q. Why flash-based image uploader is better than Java uploaders?

When you choose between Flash and Java image uploaders, keep in mind that Flash player is installed on 97% of Internet user computers, while Java is on 73% of them only (

Q. Are there any restrictions in the Q-ImageUploader trial version?

Legal domain is the only field that is blocked in the trial version. Please read more about this field in the Help.

Q. What files should I upload to my site in order to make my Flash image uploader working correctly?

All files and folders which were generated by Publish or Export tools.

Q. Should I upload .qiu file to my site?

No, it is a working file like .psd

Q. There is a link to in the context menu. Can I remove this link?

Yes, you can remove this link from the context menu. Go to "General Properties"/"Right Click".

Q. Why IE keeps asking me to let run active X, when I preview my image uploader?

IE will show you the warning ActiveX message, while you test the uploader locally. This message will disappear, when you publish the menu to the Internet.

Q. Can I set multiple legal domain names for one instance of uploader? I have to put the same photo uploader on "" and "".

Yes, you can set up to 3 different Legal domains for one uploader.

Q. I tried,, and but I still see a warning message over my uploader! What can I do?

Take a look at the Warning message. It contains a prompt about the proper legal domain value. Please read more in "Legal domain" Help section.