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Q-ImageUploader Examples

Simple uploading template

There is no any extras, no intro, but 2 the most important buttons -
"Add photos" and "Upload".

Photo storage service template + Flash Menu Labs integration

This kind of templates is good for online photo albums, communities, social networks, intranet sites. There is intro with eye-catching flash illustration and some important information. Main window controls are custom and can be changed easily.

Photo printing service template + Single File Gallery integration

This template was created specially for photo printing businesses. There is intro with some promo information and custom controls on the main uploader's window.

E-store admin template

If your clients have to upload many items into their e-store showcase, this photo uploader will help them a lot. It is handy to combine image uploading and adding items information.

Flash Multiple Files Uploader + Single File Gallery integration

An example of general files uploader template. It has simplier functionality then Q-ImageUploader Pro templates. However it allows to upload different types of files.