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Trial Download

Q-ImageUploader Pro is available here for download in Trial version.

You can freely download and install this version on your computer. This method allows you to try our product before you purchase it.

There is no time or functionality limit. We restrict the Legal Domain value only. That's why you will see a warning message over the image uploaders created with the QIU trial version.

  • Version: 1.045
  • File Size: 6.7MB
  • Platform: Windows
Download Q-ImageUploader Pro

Q-ImageUploader application allows you to use both General Files Uploader templates and Image Uploader Pro templates.

Q-ImageUploader Pro is andvanced and professional image uploader and is designed for those sites which need more control and features.

General Files Uploader vs Image Uploader Pro templates

Features General Files Uploader Image Uploader Pro
Multiple file upload

Specialization Any file type Best for images
Customisation level Basic Advanced
Big images multiple uploading
Files preview
Resize images on clients computer
Rotate images
Generate thumbnails
Analyse EXIF
Drag and Drop files reorder
Creating custom controls (tags, album names etc)
Ability to add Watermarks