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TennisElbrus promotional website

TennisElbrus - One page promo website


TennisElbrus is a promotional website for an outstanding event - the most high-altitude table tennis match in human history.

Despite the site doesn't have many pages, it's full of information and different technologies. For example, you can see interesting facts in the Q-NewsTicker, flash component by Quadroland. If you point a mouse on any expedition member photos, you'll see a short description of everyone in the floating block and you'll also find even more details, when surf this site.

We don't have any doubts that the guys can set up the record!
Good luck to them!

Table tennis club "White Lightnings" (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) under support of Federation of table tennis of Ukraine announces about holding an unprecedented action – organization of the highest mountain match on table tennis in the human history. The match is to be held at the end of July-beginning of August at the top of the highest mountain of Europe, Elbrus, (height of the western summit is 5,642 m, eastern – 5,621 m). Supposed weather conditions during the match: frost up to -20°C, strong winds up to 25 mps.

The match will be organized on the standard size table in compliance with the basic rules of the modern table tennis. The match participants and a table will be protected by special covers. In case if the attempt is successful, our record achievement will be registered in the Book of Records of the CIS and Guinness Book of World Awards.

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